VITAMIN DRIP Madrid by Dra. Feliu

At Docturteam Medical Services, our medical team headed by Dra. Feliu is at your disposal to improve your health and make your experience a sensation of well-being that you will only achieve with our VITAMIN DRIP treatments in Madrid.

Why choose a personalized VITAMIN DRIP treatment in Madrid?

  • Because you want to delay aging by providing the nutrients your skin needs.
  • Because you do sports regularly and want to strengthen your defenses.
  • Because you have a high work rate and need to revitalize your mind.
  • Beacuse you have an event and want to show off and endure until the end.
  • Because you are going on holidays and you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest from day one.
  • Because it´s winter and respiratory viruses like the fly arrive.
  • Because you are suffering from Jetlag after a long journy and you want to get your energy back as soon as possible.
  • Because you have trouble falling asleep and you want to improve your ability to concentrate.

The reasons to strengthen your body are innumerable; you only have to try any our treatments to see how your body appreciates the contribution of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and other nutrients that will be added to your bloodstream.

Because ina lifestyle as busy as ours, there is nothing better than replenishing hydration, strengthening the immune system and helping to recover optimal levels in our blood.

In our clinics located in Madrid, Ibiza & Formentera, or in the comfort of your home, hotel, apartment, villa, yacht, …, all ease is not enough for us when we wish to feel you the experience and sensation of recovery and well-being of our VITAMIN DRIP treatments developed by Dra. Feliu and her team in Madrid.

Just let yourself be pampered.

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Do you live in Madrid? 

Are you on holidays or just enjoing a city break?

Our medical team at Docturteam Medical Services headed by Dra. Felir is your passport to the most stable and lasting well-being thanks to its VITAMIN DRIP treatments carry out in Madrid.

All treatments are carried out by Doctors and all the components used have an EU health registration.

They are prepared at the moment and in a personalized way for each person seeking the greatest efficiency based on your age, sex, weight, needs, etc.

Without a correct dose of the vital components of the organism, our body gradually decomposes, cell aging accelerates, wrinkles appear sonner, we suffer episodes of dehydration, the organism decompensate and we are easy prey for all kind of diseases, our physical performance decreases, our mood changes, our ability to concentrate and work performance sink, our sexual performance does not reach its climax, we are not able to perform in sports, etc.

For years we have taken restoratives, energy drinks, vitamins, etc. always orally, which are subject to digestion and have limited absorption in our body. 

Our personalized VITAMIN DRIP treatments developed by Dra. Feliu and her team in Madrid, achieve 100% absorption into the bloodstream and are the fastest and safest way to provide the key nutrients our body needs to function.

The duration of the treatments ranges from 45-60 minutes, enough time for your body to absorb the nutrients it needs for its balance.

Our VITAMIN DRIP treatments are avaibable 7 days a week in any of our clinic in Madrid or in the comfort of your home, hotel, apartment, villa, yacht, etc. 

Any facility is not enough for you to experience the sensation of recovery and well-being of our VITAMIN DRIP treatments developed by Dra. Feliu and her team by Docturteam Medical Services in Madrid.

Just let yourself be pampered

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VITAMIN DRIP treatments are also named Vitaminotherapy or Suerotherapy.

Currently our Medical Team leaded by Dra. Feliu have developed Eleven VITAMIN DRIP Treatments that cover the amin deficiencies and needs that our body has to achieve an optimal level of health and well-being.

  • HANGOVER: specially indicated for post-holiday periods, people who work in the nightlife leisure industry, after exceptional periods without control in sleeping, diet and alcohol comsumption such as Christmas time, Bachelor parties, group parties, etc.

Provides the body with rapid hydration, fights general discomfort and muscle pain, headaches, fatigue, etc,. provides a quick feeling of general improvement.

Composed by: Nacl 09% 250ml, Dextrose 5% 250 ml, Glucocemin 50%, Pool B complex Vitamnins, Vitamin C, Antiemetics and Analgesics.


RECOVERY: Ideal for executives, people who come from long periods of fatigue due to stress, little rest time, high workloads, long working hours, etc. It works like shock treatment.

It hydrates the entire organism, improving brain function and improving the inmmune system, reduces the effects of prolonged fatigue and its consequences, providing new energy to the body.

Ideal for programms od 3 and 6 months. 

Compound: Nacl 09% 500ml, Pool B complex Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Glutathione, Mg Sulfate.

  • IMMUNITY: Wonderful treatment to strengthen the immune system. Aimed at everyone, 

especially the elderly, immune depressed people, people with poorly balanced diet, prone to flu, colds, etc., perfect for short programms of 3 months in autumm and spring especially. 

Its components reinforce the body immune system, repairing tissues, creating a natural barrier to avoid all kind of viruses that are the main pathogen that attacks the body with low defenses. 

Compound: Nacl 09% 500ml, Pool B complex Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Poll of amino acids.

Also available in its IMMUNITY PLUS variant,  which is enriched with Glutathione and Zinc Sulfate, as well as higher doses of Vitamin C. It increases protection to prevent oxidation of body cells, thus avoiding premature agind of the same, and in turn reducing the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, improves concentration and increases cellular performance.


  • ENERGY BOOST: Aimed at athletes, people who exercise regularly: runners, gym, swimming. 

tennis or paddle players, etc. and that burn high doses of energy on a regular basis. Perfect for 6 months programms. 

It consists of a combination of vitamins and minerals that seek to improve the general well-being of the person, increasing the energy and resistance of the organism. Ideal complement to an energetically rich diet. 

Compound: Nacl 09% 500ml, Pool B complex vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Zinc Sulfate.

As in the case of the IMMUNITY PLUS treatment, we have developed a more advanced treatment in the Energy range, the SUPER ENERGY treatment, especially indicated for programms of 3 months prior to a competition or test that it will require high performance. Also a shock treatment after prolonged periods of effort.

It includes high doses of B vitamins, magnesium, amino acids, which exponentially increase energy, in addition to other benefits for the organism as it is a very complete treatment in terms of nutrients that has the effect of re-fueling the body tank. Detoxifyinf the blood and increasing the sensation of energy and resistance to efforts that are longer than usual.

Compound: Nacl 0,9% 500ml, Pool Vitamins complex B, Pool Vitamins complex C, Vitamin B12, Taurine, Zinc Sulfate, Biotin.


  • MYERS COCKTAIL: Star treatment within VITAMIN DRIP

With multiple applications and aimed at multiple ailments as it is a mix of nutrients that assist the body for its best daily functioning. Indicated for people who suffer from migranes, chronic fatigue, asthma, all kinds of allergies, sinusitis, muscle spasms, frequent respiratory infections, etc.

Powerful revitalizer for the body, it helps combat stress, fatigue, the feeling of burn-out, etc. ideal to combat the day a day of the city. Perfect for 3-month treatments, stop and a new 3-mont treatment, and again. 

Compound: Nacl 0,9% 500ml, Pool Vitamins B complex, Pool Vitamins C, Biotin, Dexpanthenol, CA Chloride, MG Sulfate.

  • BEAUTY: Are you thinking in the summer holidays? 

Do you have a special event in the next few weeks? 

Do you want to shine every day? 

Our BEAUTY VITAMIN DRIP treatment is for you.

We like to call it “the age buster” for the quality of the effect of its antioxidants, protecting your cells from harmful toxins.

As Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen naturally, this treatment will help you combat fine lines and the appearance of wriknles. Glutathione meanwhile helps reduce blemishes and increises skin luminosity.

Perfect treatment for periods of 6 continous months.

Compound: Nacl 0,9% 500ml, Pool Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Glutathione Biotin.

  •  ANTI-AGE: The ideal VITAMIN DRIP treatment to combat the run of time. 

If there is something we can not buy or kept in a closet, it is time. 

But we can help you to combat the effects it produces in our organism. And not only the visible ones, but also those that can not be seen, but are felt.

A high dose of amino acids in combination with our pools of vitamins and minerals help to combat the cellular sings of aging and to prevent the degenerative damage they cause.

The results is an organism that better withstands the passage of time and a skin that is more hydrated, brighter and ultimately younger.

Compound: Nacl 0,9% 500ml, Pool Vitamin B complex, Poll Vitamin C complex, Vitamin B12, Glutathione, MG Sulfate, NAD+.

Vitamin Therapy helps our body in multiple ways, supporting the natural functioning of the immune system, increasing energy and improving the hydration and detoxification or our bloodstream.

And best of all, with the help of Dra. Feliu and her medical team in Madrid, we can adapt to your specific needs.

At Docturteam Medical Services, Dra. Feliu and her team in Madrid are ready to be adapted to you and your goals through VITAMIN DRIPS.

With specific treatments that serve as shock therapy or by designing sessions programs of 3 months, named as short program, or 6 months, named as long program. 

We offer you a consultation with our medical team and we recommend your tailor-made treatment plan, based on your objetives and your current state of health, based on your medical story and clinical analysis.

Our treatment plans are perfect if you travel a lot or work long hours, because they plan be done in the evenings after work or on weekends, and always in the comfor of your own home if you wish it.

We have also clinics in Madrid, opens 7 days a week all year around, ready to offer you the best tailor-made treatment.

Because as we say, all ease is not enough for us when we wish to feel you the experience and sensation of recovery and well-being of our VITAMIN DRIP treatments developed by Dra. Feliu and her team.

Just let yourself be pampered.

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Our Medical Team headed by Dra. Feliu is specialized in VITAMIN DRIP treatments and have years of medical experience improving the health and well-being of those who trust her and her medical team in Madrid, Ibiza & Formentera.

Each person is different and experiences differently, some will quickly feel more energy and a pleasant feeling of detoxification, others may not notice a great physical difference, but their tests will show how their body has absorbed the supplied components and how much their body is stonger than before and is much better prepared to face periods of intense physical and mental exhaustion, and to ficht viruses or other diseases that tale advantage of depressed immune periods to attack our body.

Docturteam Medical Services is the official medical service of the main hotel chains in Spain and abroad, of the main tour operators at a European level, of tourist accommodation companies, it provides medical services to hospitals and centers for the elderly, and thousands of families trust us every year. (Link to the professional partners section).

We have our own clinics in Madrid, Ibiza & Formentera, where you can also visit us:

  • Madrid Doctor Clinic, located in Calle Virgen de los Peligros, 13. Madrid.
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  • Formentera Doctor Clinic, located in Es Puyols. 

Our philosophy of life is our philosophy applied to work: “Professional Integrity and Excellence in Service”.

Just let yourself be pampered