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Are you suffering from a vitamin deficiency? Does your body struggle to absorb all the minerals and vitamins your everyday diet supplies? Do you feel you need an alternative method to boost your immune system? Vitamin therapies might just be the treatment you need and our staff at Docturteam can provide it.

Needless to say, vitamin therapies are not for everyone and they are, under nor terms, a magic solution to medical conditions. However, your body can highly benefit from them. Why is that? Because while our body breaks down the food we ingest and only absorbs a portion of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it has, IV vitamin therapies are injected directly into the bloodstream, providing the body with a higher level of those substances.

Book a consultation to ask everything you want and need to know about vitamin therapies: do you need a weekly shot? Are there any side-effects? What are the main benefits to it? How is it applied? These and more questions can and will be answered by our team at Docturteam.

Considering how trendy these alternative treatments are on social media and among celebrities, we know that patients could tend to doubt their benefits. Our doctors at Docturteam are more than prepared to guide through your journey with vitamin therapies, their perks and more. In addition, our staff is ready to provide a 24-hours service all throughout the year.

  • Vitamin therapies: we offer a specialized treatment with a prior in-depth interview on your medical history and background. Even if most people can benefit from vitamin therapies, our team provides a truthful service that will only prescribe and suggest what is needed.
  • General medical assistance: no treatment is suggested without a prior diagnosis. For that, we run all kinds of medical tests to ensure a personalized treatment. Moreover, you can consult our team for vitamin therapies and all kinds of medical conditions or issues. Our policy is to offer an integral and professional prompt service at the comfort of your house or through a video-call.
  • Vaccines: you can get any vaccines you need at your own house or in our consultations.
  • COVID-19 tests: we perform diagnostic tests and ensure a 24-hour delay on the results. You can get the PCR test, the Elisa Antibody test, the Rapid Antibody test and or the full test which includes a PCR Covid-19 test, Flu A and B test and RSV infection test.

To put it simply, because we thrive on professional integrity and excellence. Together with promptness, these values guide our professional practice and they are the reason we are chosen every day by our patients.

Consulting a doctor at Docturteam or following a treatment they recommend guarantees effectiveness and safety which are, ultimately, the qualities patients look for in healthcare professionals.

We are aware of the fact that, when dealing with medical issues, patients need to be reassured regardless of the condition they are dealing with. A fruitful doctor-patient relationship cannot be achieved by no other quality than trust, professionalism and  kindness. Those are the values that we pride on having.

Are you still not sure about getting a vitamin therapy treatment? Our doctors at Docturteam know that before any diagnosis or treatment comes information. Book a video call or visit us to get all your questions answered concerning vitamin therapies. The honesty, integrity and excellence behind every doctor’s practice at Docturteam will ensure you leave the consultation informed to make a constructive decision. Feel free to visit the “contact” section to reach out and start your journey to a better life along with our team!